The After Shamrock run

It’s been a few days after the shamrock 15k and my legs and feet got a few rest days in to heal. I jumped back into my half marathon training routine from RunKeeper and did a 4 mile run. Unfortunately, I used a pair of socks that were too low for my shoes (but they were bright orange and extra padded on the heel and toes!). Needless to say, I have marked my shoes as my own. Hah!

I need more time for the blisters and now the back of my ankles to heal before my next run. At least I have an elliptical machine to use.


2014 Shamrock Run 15k

March 16th, 2014 – From my knees hurting when I went down hill, the new blisters on my feet to the 15k finisher medal and a new 15k PR and racing with my mom, this years Shamrock 15k was a blast. My mom and I finished around the same time, she started 40 minutes later and did the 8k, which was very cool. The weather for the run was really good, considering it was a March day in Portland. It didn’t start to rain until after the race and we were walking back to the car. Continue reading 2014 Shamrock Run 15k

RunKeeper and Pebble

RunKeeper is currently having a promo with Pebble to give $25 off of a Pebble Smartwatch to the first 500k people who log an exercise with RunKeeper.  Luckily, I got one of the invite when I ran the Shamrock 15k yesterday.

From March 11th to this year’s Boston Marathon on April 21st, Pebble will be rewarding the RunKeeper community with exclusive discounts ($25) off any of their awesome smart watches, plus free shipping. To qualify you must meet the following criteria:

  • Track at least one GPS activity (running, walking, cycling…etc) with the RunKeeper iPhone or Android app. But act fast! Only the first 500,000 RunKeeper users who log that activity will get the discount!

Read more here:

If the promotion is over, get your pebble smart watch here.

Out for a run..

It’s the week if the Shamrock Run and I haven’t had a lot of time for training since I pulled my calf muscle. I as able to fit in a nice 4 mile run today but at the end my left leg was starting to get grumpy. I’m thinking about another 4 miles on Wednesday to see how I feel. Then the Shamrock Run 15k this weekend.

I know mentally I can do the 15k, but I’m not too sure about my body. I’m not going to kill myself to finish as I have much larger races that I need to be fit for *cough* Spartan Beast *cough*


Smart Phones and Running

With the invention of the smart phone, running has become more entertaining and data mining friendly. I’ll be the first to admit that when I run, I go a little nuts on the apps that are gathering data and providing content for my run. I have four applications running. These applications are Runkeeper, Nike+ Running, Zombies, Run! and Charity Miles.

Runkeeper has most of my runs in it’s database and provides a lot of data that the other applications do not provide. RK also hooks up to my heart rate monitor, which is nice. This application is usually the app that has the focus.

Nike+ Running has some of my running data, I get “cheers” from Facebook and has stats on my friends to see how I am doing compared to them, distance-wise.

Zombies, Run! provides the content while I run. ZR  unravels  a thrilling story that is mixed in with the music on my phone while I train for the different obstacle course races. ZR makes the training way more entertaining and sometimes pushes me to go further so I can get more of the story.

Charity Miles is just a no brainier. Donate to charity while you walk, bike or run? Why wouldn’t you use this app?

In later posts I will review each of the applications.

Quest Bar – White Chocolate Raspberry

The bar-o-the-day is Quest’s White Chocolate Raspberry and this bar was a good one. 20 grams of protein and 190 calories and a whole lot of great flavor! Upon opening the bars package, the smell of raspberry filled my nose. The chunks of white chocolate were nice to see in the bar. This was a very pleasant bar to eat and will be on my must get list.

Overall: Yum!!

Quest Bar – Lemon Creme Pie

Quest’s Lemon Creme Pie bar has a sting lemon smell upon opening the bar’s package. The flavor of the part is ok, it’s not full of flavor, but you can taste the lemon. I’m also pretty sure that if someone handed you a lemon Creme lie that tasted like this bar, you would send it back. For a protein bar, it’s a decent flavor, but I’d have other bars before this one.

As with most Quest Bars, there are 20 grams of protein in the bar. This particular bar has 170 calories.

Overall: meh, I’d eat other bars first.