RunKeeper Half Marathon Training Completed

Today I completed the 111 day half marathon training that I used from the RunKeeper app. A few weeks ago, there was a 13 mile run that I decided to make my first half marathon run. I mean, I’ve already ran 99% or more of the way, just go an extra .1 of a mile. This was an easy choice.

Today, I dropped about 8 minutes off that time.

During my run, my mind wanted to quit, change routes and I told my mind to STFU. I ran my planned route and completed the planned distance.

I am determined. I will not derail my progress or dreams.

It’s not going to be a 5k…

OOOoooh the 2014 Pacific Northwest Spartan Sprint isn’t going to be 5k, it’s almost 5 miles! YES!

“Terrain: The course will be 4.75 miles with a few short, steep climbs. Plan on running most of the race on single-track with some motocross track running mixed in. Racers will explore new terrain, including a section the local dirt bikers call Disneyland.”

Running Stats for the Past Three Weeks

I’m now tapering down from the half marathon training as I am on day 108 of 111 (Thanks RunKeeper!). This Saturday is 13.1 miles! This will be only the second time I have gone that far running without stopping.

For The week ending July 6th
Total Miles: 27.5
Time Running: 4:26:12
Average Pace: 9:18 per mile

For The week ending July 13th
Total Miles: 20.6
Time Running: 3:16:03
Average Pace: 9:20 per mile

For The week ending July 20th
Total Miles: 11.6
Time Running: 1:43:09
Average Pace: 8:49 per mile

The Inferno

I’m going to have to keep an eye out for The Inferno next year. I would sign up for it this year, but I will be recovering from a procedure on my toe that running, swimming and obstacles would be a bad thing to do.

The info for this year looks great!

  • FREE Camping for All Participants!
  • 2 Distances: Half Marathon AND 6 Mile Course

After a successful inaugaural 2013 event, the Inferno is back for the 2014 season! The Inferno is an extreme obstacle course biathlon featuring a distance swim and is now offered in two lengths (13.1 miles or 6 miles). We’ve developed a number of challenging obstacles spread out over a rugged terrain in the scenic backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. You’ll climb hills, haul sandbags, flip tires, climb ropes and walls, traverse monkey bars, and now SWIM your way to the finish line! Come put yourself to the test at The Inferno, designed to push you to you limits!

Looks like fun, hopefully it will be back net year.

I finally did it


I finally ran a half marathon. I never imagined that I would be able to do this when I first started running. I thought, maybe at most, I would do a 15k, but a half marathon, that’s just crazy go nuts! Well, thanks to my RunKeeper Half Marathon training plan, I have built up my endurance to run a half marathon!

In truth, I was supposed to stop at 13 miles, with the full half marathon is to take place in two weeks. But I had already gone 13 miles, what’s another .1? Besides, now I have a PR to beat when I do finish the training plan.