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Information related to training for the different obstacle course races

Out for a run..

It’s the week if the Shamrock Run and I haven’t had a lot of time for training since I pulled my calf muscle. I as able to fit in a nice 4 mile run today but at the end my left leg was starting to get grumpy. I’m thinking about another 4 miles on Wednesday to see how I feel. Then the Shamrock Run 15k this weekend.

I know mentally I can do the 15k, but I’m not too sure about my body. I’m not going to kill myself to finish as I have much larger races that I need to be fit for *cough* Spartan Beast *cough*


Smart Phones and Running

With the invention of the smart phone, running has become more entertaining and data mining friendly. I’ll be the first to admit that when I run, I go a little nuts on the apps that are gathering data and providing content for my run. I have four applications running. These applications are Runkeeper, Nike+ Running, Zombies, Run! and Charity Miles.

Runkeeper has most of my runs in it’s database and provides a lot of data that the other applications do not provide. RK also hooks up to my heart rate monitor, which is nice. This application is usually the app that has the focus.

Nike+ Running has some of my running data, I get “cheers” from Facebook and has stats on my friends to see how I am doing compared to them, distance-wise.

Zombies, Run! provides the content while I run. ZR  unravels  a thrilling story that is mixed in with the music on my phone while I train for the different obstacle course races. ZR makes the training way more entertaining and sometimes pushes me to go further so I can get more of the story.

Charity Miles is just a no brainier. Donate to charity while you walk, bike or run? Why wouldn’t you use this app?

In later posts I will review each of the applications.

Finally out for a run again

It’s been a few weeks since I was able to go out for a run. During the snowpocalypse, I failed to warm up my legs enough and 3 miles into my 5 mile run I pulled my left calf muscle. Since then, I have continued with P90X3, modifying where needed. Through P90X3, I was able to keep my cardio up, which is nice.

Today I went for a 3 mile test run as I have the Shamrock Run 15k in two weeks. I’m glad to say that I did not have any issues withy calf after properly warming up. Throw in a few dynamic stretches after the run and keep on adding distance for the 15k.

On my non running days, I will review the apps that I use while I run.