BattleFrog is dead…

Here is an email that I received from BattleFrog yesterday…

Thank you for being a valued customer.  Today, BattleFrog announced that it will be suspending its 2016 racing season as it focuses its efforts on product alignment and its popular media programming.  As a result, all races have been cancelled.

All registrations are being fully refunded to the purchasing credit card.  For those with multi-race passes, all unused races will be fully refunded.  Refunds will be issued within thirty days by our third party processor.

We regret any inconvenience that this may cause our valued customers.  Again, all registrations for cancelled races will be refunded automatically within thirty days and no further action is required.  Please e-mail with any questions.


I had signed up to do a BattleFrog Extreme next year and was super excited to do it. Guess I’ll never get my chance. Sad, because BattleFrog was a fun race and I found new obstacles to add to my training grounds.

Earlier this year, I did my first BattleFrog and had a great time. I loved that the obstacles had different levels to then, novice, intermediate and elite. I did the majority of the elite obstacles, with the rope climb and traverse walls were novice and intermediate respectively.

It stinks that they will be focusing on the Sprint OCR model for TV, which severely limits the number of people that will be able to actually race in the event, but it gets the TV money which I guess out performs what they were making as an OCR event. Less work, more money. Sounds like a reality TV series. What’s the point? Oh yea, money.

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