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Beasts Challenge for Virtual Challenges

I’ve been neglecting this site a bit, my only excuse is because I’ve been working on creating for the OCR team I’m part of. It’s a fun challenge site for members and non-members of Beasts Obstacle Course Racers. We currently have 2 year long challenges, a Community Payback challenge and a Supporting Local Races challenge as well as a monthly challenge and a fundraiser/charity virtual race (a taco mile!)

Stop by and enter a challenge or three! 🙂

MORE WEIGHT! – Fundraiser for Special Olympics OR

Last year for a fundraiser I did a Tropical 5k Santa Run in Portland, OR, on Christmas day in 38° F weather. It rained, it hailed, it was for a good cause. This year, I ant to up the ante a bit and run farther than I ever have before and with weights. But there is a catch! Think of this as a fundraising kickstarter. My goal for the Super Plunge is $3,542 and I currently sit at $525. The run will take place on 12/26 starting at a 5k and if the total donated is above the level listed below, that’s what will happen.
The levels are:

  • $650 is a 5k no weights
  • $800 is a 10k with 3 lbs on each arm
  • $1000 is a 15k with 3 lbs on each arm and 5 lbs in a backpack
  • $1200 is a half marathon with 3 lbs on each arm and 10 lbs in a backpack
  • $1500 is 15 miles with 3 lbs on each arm and 20 lbs in a backpack

Now, with the above levels, I have never run more than 13.3 miles at once and that was with no weights. I will be running with Runkeeper’s (or Runtastic’s) live tracking and will post a link for it and I will be posting pictures during the run at my instagram account.

The donation page is here and your donation is 100% tax deductible!

Again, as I did last year, donating a total of $50 or more throughout the campaign and I will dedicate a plunge to you. There are 24 spots, so claim yours today!

Plunge Dedications
1. Mari May
2. Eric Cress
3. Tim Howard
4. Stephen Schreiber
5. Chia Huynh
6. Alvaro Lara
7. Shannon Doshier
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20151211_185631000_iOSAnd here is last years video!