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Nutrition?!? Yes, it’s important too!

Longest Distance (New Record)

I started a marathon training plan 11 weeks ago, so it was bound to happen: a new record for longest distance. I beat my previous distance of 13.3 miles by .7-.5 of a mile depending on what platform you check. I guess GPX files from one site transferred to another adds distance? Who knew.. Today I ran 14.07 miles and while I was tired and really had to use the bathroom, I felt that I could have gone on for a number of miles further. Continue reading Longest Distance (New Record)

Beet Kvass

About three weeks ago in the Spartan Food of the Day emails, there came a recipe for Beet Kvass. It’s strange that a few days later I got beets in my Organics to You home delivery service. When I finally put 2 and 2 together, I realized that I had something to make with the beets! By the time I went to read the link to the Beet Kvass recipe, the page was no longer found. *sad trombone* After some googling, I found this recipe for Beet Kvass. The only fermented drink I’ve ever made was beer (c’mon, I live in Portland, OR. It’s a requirement!) and Beet Kvass is not as involved as beer, so this was easy to make.

Beet Kvass!

I didn’t use whey, so I doubled up on the sea salt, which makes be believe that this drink, will most likely be a very salty red drink. After letting the Kvass ferment at room temperature for a week, I moved it to the refrigerator for another couple of days

So, how does it taste? Like beets with a lil helping of salt. It’s not that bad! Of course, after I had started the fermenting process, I read that you can add cabbage and/or onions under the beets to help add a little sweetness to the drink. The left over beet chunks, as I have read, go great over a bed of rice.

One 4-ounce glass of beet kvass morning and night serves as an excellent blood tonic, digestive regulator, blood alkalizer, liver cleanser and overall healing tonic. In general, it keeps things moving! Remember, this is a detox tool, not a sugary beverage! The taste is acquired, and we find it most palatable when served cold. And if you’re heading to a party tonight, avoid purple hands by wearing rubber gloves when peeling beets!

The above paragraph was taken from here.

Quest Bar – White Chocolate Raspberry

The bar-o-the-day is Quest’s White Chocolate Raspberry and this bar was a good one. 20 grams of protein and 190 calories and a whole lot of great flavor! Upon opening the bars package, the smell of raspberry filled my nose. The chunks of white chocolate were nice to see in the bar. This was a very pleasant bar to eat and will be on my must get list.

Overall: Yum!!

Quest Bar – Lemon Creme Pie

Quest’s Lemon Creme Pie bar has a sting lemon smell upon opening the bar’s package. The flavor of the part is ok, it’s not full of flavor, but you can taste the lemon. I’m also pretty sure that if someone handed you a lemon Creme lie that tasted like this bar, you would send it back. For a protein bar, it’s a decent flavor, but I’d have other bars before this one.

As with most Quest Bars, there are 20 grams of protein in the bar. This particular bar has 170 calories.

Overall: meh, I’d eat other bars first.