My Gear

I don’t know if there is a standard list of items that people use, mostly its no shirt, for guys, shorts, shoes and the will to run through the obstacle course. Over the years, I have gathered a nice gear list that I use for races. Here is my current list of gear:

  • workout shorts
  • workout/compression shirt
  • compression under shorts
    (added layer as the workout shorts will rip!)
  • compression socks
  • gloves – DGearOG gloves are the best that I’ve used so far
    (never underestimate glove use! Rope burn and splinters will be a part of the race!)
  • Hydration backpack – for races over 5k
    I also use the Camelbak 62102 HAWG 100-Ounce/3-Liter Mil Spec Antidote Long Hydration Pack, with an upgraded Geigerrig Hydration Engine (3-Liter) bladder.
  • knee and elbow braces
    (save yourself from getting cuts on the knees!) ObstacleGuard makes killer knee and elbow pads that really protect your body
  • Men’s Saucony Peregrine 5 shoes are my primary shoe with the Peregrine 6 as my backup
  • HeartRate monitor/gps – provably not needed on race day, but I love having a map and stats of the course. Currently my Garmin Fenix 3 is working out great!
  • OralIV for hydration
  • Rocktape – I believe!!
My Gear
My Gear getting ready for the Super Spartan

Equipment that did not work for me


  • UA FTHR Shield TRC Storm running shoes – 3 races in and I do not recommend these shoes. Rocks always get in and the soles have started to come off.
  • Reebok All Terrain Running shoes – These shoes fit well and do not hold in water, but small pebbles always found their way into the shoes, even with adding on trail gaiters on. Nothing like having to stop and take out the rocks 3+ times in a 4 mile race.


Helpful Hints

Stay away from cotton clothing! Cotton will absorb the water and hold on tight! The extra water will weigh you down and that’s not something that you want to have on you for miles.

If you are training for the races, start to taper off the distance and weights about a week before the race to allow your body to recover. 2 weeks of you are doing a longer race. Studies have shown that tapering gives you a performance boost. It’s science.
Tapering Distance Guide


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My Adventures in Obstacle Course Races and Training for them

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