2014 Shamrock Run 15k

March 16th, 2014 – From my knees hurting when I went down hill, the new blisters on my feet to the 15k finisher medal and a new 15k PR and racing with my mom, this years Shamrock 15k was a blast. My mom and I finished around the same time, she started 40 minutes later and did the 8k, which was very cool. The weather for the run was really good, considering it was a March day in Portland. It didn’t start to rain until after the race and we were walking back to the car.

Many high fives were given out during the race to kids, volunteers, police officers and other random people.

The last two miles were a challenge as I never got up that high in training before hurting my calf. But I never stopped to walk. I gave myself a few options to stop, “just hit 10k” and “walk a bit at mile 8” but I never did. Being active this past year with beachbody has most definitely helped. I’d say dropping my time by over 20 minutes is an outstanding success!

Official Time: 01:31:23

Finished 4840th of 8128 – Shamrock Run 15K

Average pace: 09:48.26/m

Voila_Capture 2014-03-17_09-31-23_AM


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