2016 Shamrock Run and Zombies Run Virtual 5k

Training has been going well. I’ve started another round of P90X to help train for the Super Spartan in Seattle which is 3 weeks away. In the past few weeks I’ve completed two races, the Shamrock Run Half and the latest Zombies Run virtual race.

The Shamrock Half was mostly the same course as the previous year, flat for the first half (which I was on pace to set a new PR) and super hilly for the second half (killed my PR). I did get a few good pictures out of the race and a new towel, so that was cool.

I look like an old man shuffling, but since that’s kid of how I actually run.. I guess it makes sense. Hah.

For this half marathon, I tried a new fuel plan, of drinking some water with electrolyes every 20 minutes and every hour take a clif shot every 60 minutes. I never hit a wall. Bonus.

Now for the Zombies Run virtual race, I went all out and achieved a PR for my 5k time! The story line in Zombies Run played more than my music as I listened to maybe two songs.


Here were my splits for the run.


Yahoo!! PR’s are fun!

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