Seattle Super Dunkwall

2017 Seattle Super Spartan

What can I say about the Seattle Super Spartan Race other than it was brutal. There were a few new obstacles, which are always fun to try Twister and double sandbag carry and old favorites (not really) The Rig, spear throw, rope climb, bucket brigade, Olympus and so on.

This course was an assault on my upper body, which was compounded by myself neglecting my upper body for around 6 months and I was punished.

Sandbag Carry - Seattle SuperThe mud was deep in many parts of the course, the double sandbag, sandbag, bucket brigade combination was rough, but at least they were broken up by a few obstacles, the the arms of a little break.

The rope climb at the Seattle Super threw me off. The practice rope I have at home is a different kind and apparently is easier to climb. I couldn’t get the rope cinched between my feet and as I said before, my arm strength was lacking, so burpees for me. The new obstacle Twister I was able to hang on for a few short seconds, dropped and added more burpees to my tally.

After a very long race, the fire jump was a welcome sight. One last obstacle before the new 2017 Seattle Super medal was acquired.

Seattle Super Fire Jump

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