App Review: Charity Miles

Charity Miles Home Screen
The applications main screen is a listing of different charities that you can select to donate your exercise to.

Do you walk, run or ride a bike? If so, why not help out different charities for each mile that you go? That’s the idea behind Charity Miles. Walking and running donates 25 cents per mile while biking donates 10 cents per mile.

Once you select the charity that you want to donate to, you select your activity by sliding the exercises at the top, walk, run or bike and then start your activity. As you move around the mile counter will automatically update based off the GPS data that your phone gets, so once you start you don’t need to worry about the application again until the end of your activity.

IMG_8640 IMG_8641

The above two images show how far I ran and the total impact of the activity for my chosen charity, the Wounded Warrior Project. Upon finishing your activity you can share your completed task via Twitter, as I do, as well as on Facebook. Sharing your activity helps build awareness for Charity Miles and gives you a little bit of karma/feel good points.

IMG_8643 IMG_8644

Charity Miles also keeps a history of your activities in the app, if you need to see them or show your coworkers how active you are.

Charity Miles,  earn money for charity when you walk, run, or bike.

Cost: Free
Mobile OS: iOS and Android

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