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2014 Pacific Northwest Spartan Sprint

What can I say about the Spartan Sprint? Just that it’s the toughest 5k+ obstacle course race that I have ever done that is under 7 miles. I will be able to compare the Spartan Races to the Tough Mudder in a few days time.

The first obstacle to the Spartan Sprint was the line to the parking lot. I had left 20 minutes earlier than I planned on and I was glad I did, but eventually would not have mattered. There was a line of cars over a mile long before entering the parking lot. It gave me a little time to relax and let the nervousness settle a bit. Once I got my parking pass and parking spot all situated, I made my way to the waiver area. What I didn’t know was, there were two waivers, the standard white waiver for the Spartan Race and a green waiver for NBC to film you. Needless to day, I had to wait in the packet pickup line twice. Thanks green waiver. Continue reading 2014 Pacific Northwest Spartan Sprint

It’s not going to be a 5k…

OOOoooh the 2014 Pacific Northwest Spartan Sprint isn’t going to be 5k, it’s almost 5 miles! YES!

“Terrain: The course will be 4.75 miles with a few short, steep climbs. Plan on running most of the race on single-track with some motocross track running mixed in. Racers will explore new terrain, including a section the local dirt bikers call Disneyland.”