Longest Distance (New Record)

I started a marathon training plan 11 weeks ago, so it was bound to happen: a new record for longest distance. I beat my previous distance of 13.3 miles by .7-.5 of a mile depending on what platform you check. I guess GPX files from one site transferred to another adds distance? Who knew.. Today I ran 14.07 miles and while I was tired and really had to use the bathroom, I felt that I could have gone on for a number of miles further.

14 Mile Splits
My splits for the 14 mile run

I recently learned about running fuel plans and decided to go with drinking a sports drink every 20 minutes and have a clif shot packet every hour on my run. I tried that at the Shamrock Run last month and that seemed to really help. For this run, I loaded up two 20oz bottles with 16oz of water and two scoops of Beach Body Hydrate in each bottle and put them in my ruck (train in what you race with!). About 10-15 minutes before the run I had a tube of oral-IV added to 12 oz of water and had an initial clif shot. After starting the run, every 20 minutes I’d take some of the Hydrate water and on each hour a clif shot and regular water to wash down the goo. All in all, I never hit a wall, I never wanted to stop because I was tired. I did stop to take a few pictures on the run, because it was FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.

After the run, and potty break, I did my Daily Yoga Post Run routine, which has become a new tool in my shed for running.

Of course, an image of my new longest distance achievement.

Longest Distance
Longest Distance

Oh, why not another longest distance achievement image?

Longest Distance
Longest Distance

Below are my stats by distance. I love that I can attach a foot pod for cadence, a heart rate monitor and a temperature sensor to my garmin watch. ALL OF THE STATS!


Currently my Running VO2 Max is 49, which is supposedly pretty good.


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