2014 Rugged Maniac

This was, by far, the most fun mud run I have ever done. It was a little challenging and great practice for the Spartan Beast next week. I’m glad I was able to use my gear for this as I found out that the half gloves that I was planning on wearing are not good to use. Once they get wet, they make everything more slippery and not sticky.The only obstacle that I failed on what the ring swings, mostly due to my hands being extra slippery. Thanks gloves.

This was the third race that my GoPro Hero2 stopped taking pictures at 45 minutes, even though the counter was still rising. I should have had 1800 pictures, but only ended up with a little over 800. I guess I’ll be using my GoPro Hero 1 from now on.

Going over the 10 ft walls, I helped a family of six get over each of the two walls. It’s all about teamwork! I made it over them pretty easily, so thank you BeachBody and P90X! Training works kids! For a 5k race, Rugged Maniac pushed the obstacle count to the limit with 30 in 5k. MY favorites where crawling underground in pitch black tunnels, the ring swings (even though I didn’t make it), climbing up the plastic tubes with a rope and the final obstacle, slanted wall clamp to a cargo net ladder to a water slide into a nice big water pond. How very nice to give everyone a batch at the end to get all of the mud off!

This race was so much fun and I can’t wait until next year!

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