The Freeze

I know the creators of The Freeze were hoping for terrible (i.e. freezing) weather and the day started out that was at 32 degrees F, which IS freezing. Unfortunately, by the time I had finished the race, the temperature was in the upper sixties. Not exactly what The Freeze organizers were looking for. Fortunately for them, weather was out of their control, but the race was not.

Log Carry & Tire Walk
Log Carry & Tire Walk

For the inaugural The Freeze, the competitive heats started at 9 with the open heats starting at 10. I arrived around 9:50 and there were a number of people who were ready to start the race. I will still getting on my gear when the load speakers stated that the next wave of people would be leaving in 5 minutes. I still have to warm up and stretch, so I knew I was not going in this next wave. By the time I was ready to go, the first finishers of the competitive wave were starting to cross the finish line. The top finishers completed the race at a little over 55 minutes. I know I’m not fast, so I gave myself an hour and a half to finish the course.

Combat Rope!
Combat Rope!

Everything started off great. I had a heat all to myself and was the last non-volunteer racer. That made things a little interesting. I was racing by myself and the first obstacle was a contraption that you crawl under that had water weighted tarps. The tarps were an interesting feeling on my back, but I went through it and continue to the next obstacle, 25 burpees! I really started to slow down at the end, so I know that I need to continue to work with my arms. The next obstacle was a double wall climb called the beast. Afterwards there was a muddy hill to climb that I re-injured my calf, a half mile into the 4-5 mile course. I was super bummed and almost quit the race. Running on it hurt but walking didn’t, so I could have a pity party as I walked myself back to the car and drive 1.5 hours home, or enjoy the day and the course and complete this race. I opted for the latter (thank you Spartan Race UNBREAKABLE bracelet!).

Monkey bars, spider walk, rings and more monkey bars

There were a hand full of new obstacles for me, uneven bars, rolling a 125 lbs. cement ball, tire swings to tire hangs back to tire swings, monkey bars-spider walk-ring climb-monkey bars (all one obstacle that I fell that the spider walk) that made for a fun race. Other obstacles to note were the back to back sandbag carry and cinderblock drag, tire carry, carry a log while walking through tires, various walls, balance beam seesaws, box jumps, battle ropes and weighted squats. The vertical rope/wall climb was difficult for me, mostly because of the nylon rope. I just could not grab onto the rope at all with gloves and without gloves it hurt my tender, tender hands. So I got the penalty of 25 pushups. My calf wouldn’t let me do the box jumps, so I took the penally there as well, 25 pushups. The last wall I came to was broken, so I got the penally without even attempting the obstacle, 25 squats.

IMG_5016I finished the race and then immediately went to first aid for ice and received a mini massage of my calf and rock tape. I am a new believer of kinesiology tape.

Since this is the fourth consecutive race that I have done on a strained calf, I’m taking a month off from running and moderate to hard leg work so I can actually heal. The good news is, I can concentrate on my arms and grip!

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